Book Review: The Reference Interview Today by Dave Harmeyer

Wanting to understand a bit more about the processes used in the reference interview, I picked up this book when our reference librarian loaned it to me. Now I am not a reference librarian, but I think for anyone that works with the public in the library field that the techniques used in this bookContinue reading “Book Review: The Reference Interview Today by Dave Harmeyer”

Book Review: Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry

I know you’re probably wondering why I’d review the 8th book in a series instead of starting from number one, and I’ll answer honestly. It’s because I just finished this one, and it’s freshest in my mind. If you aren’t familiar with the Joe Ledger series, it’s a bit of Military Thriller/Horror, and all ofContinue reading “Book Review: Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry”

Kweh of Hearts

I decided I’d begin by posting some older works also, and this one I’m particularly proud of. I love working with ink, and this was traditionally done with ink in a little sketchbook, both ballpoint pen as well as some markers. This work was actually for a contest that Square Enix held a while back,Continue reading “Kweh of Hearts”

The Very First Post

Hello everyone! I hope you’ll be patient with me as I get this blog and my portfolio up and running. I promise that it won’t always be looking like some generic wordpress theme with stock photos! I’ve decided to create this site in order to challenge myself both with regular updates, and also with improvingContinue reading “The Very First Post”