Book Review: Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry

I know you’re probably wondering why I’d review the 8th book in a series instead of starting from number one, and I’ll answer honestly. It’s because I just finished this one, and it’s freshest in my mind.

If you aren’t familiar with the Joe Ledger series, it’s a bit of Military Thriller/Horror, and all of the books in the series so far have been very entertaining reads for me, and I don’t usually have any interest in military novels whatsoever. There were several things that I loved about this book in particular. It was chaotic. There were so many crises happening all at once, and if you’re new to the series it may feel a bit overwhelming, at least until later in the story.

This book has all sorts of crazy monsters in it, from albino mutant penguins (no joke) to zombies, to Cthulhu. Oh, and don’t forget the aliens. Just another day in the Department of Military Sciences.

I think that the only reason that I gave this 4 stars out of 5 would be that I didn’t particularly like the villain, though I will admit that it had a great plot twist. I just feel that some of the other books had villains that were written better and more strongly developed in general. I do love a book with a great villain.

If you’re not a fan of graphic violence and swearing, this book may make you squeamish for those reasons. Each of the books are very violent, and there are many big, tough, military men in them that have very few qualms about the f-bomb.

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