Book Review: The Reference Interview Today by Dave Harmeyer

Wanting to understand a bit more about the processes used in the reference interview, I picked up this book when our reference librarian loaned it to me. Now I am not a reference librarian, but I think for anyone that works with the public in the library field that the techniques used in this book could be helpful. I’ve already used them in the day-to-day work I do, and I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve been able to help people more quickly than before, and to help them find the correct information, too.

This work also inspired me to really explore the resources of the libraries that I have access to, as well as those that I don’t, so that I know what’s out there and where to find it if I need it. I liked that there were lists of activities at the end of each scenario, and the questions really made me think about what had happened and how the problem had been solved by the librarian, and how it could have been done differently. One thing that I did not like about it, however, was the tone at times and then also the storytelling straying from the task at hand. I didn’t really care for the descriptions of the food or the campus flower garden or any of that, but I do realize it was put in for entertainment value and to make things more interesting.

Overall, I would personally give this one 3.5 stars.

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