DVD Review: Over the Garden Wall

Merry Christmas everyone!

On a whim I went out and bought Over the Garden Wall, honestly knowing nothing about the story or the characters. I liked the artwork and it grabbed me, and so I decided I’d watch it. I was glad I did, because this gem is entertaining, spooky and has a great story.

Over the Garden Wall is about a pair of brothers, Greg and Wirt, who are out on Halloween night like normal kids and then end up going over the garden wall, as the title goes, and end up in more trouble and adventure than they expected that night.

This miniseries had some truly unforgettable characters, and while it was made for kids I think I can honestly say that it would have scared me when I was a child, as some of the characters are very creepy indeed. Some parts are what I would consider nightmare fuel, but it was definitely worth watching anyway, and it’s a Halloween Special in a way, after all, so what would you expect?

So yes, if you have a child who is easily scared, you may want to wait until they’re a little older.

One thing that I loved about this series was the contrast between Greg and Wirt, as well as the character growth and change present in the story. I really loved the amount of imagination that went into this, and the music was top notch. Plus there’s a lot of humor, which I really appreciated.

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