Book Review: Miranda and Caliban by Jacqueline Carey

I would have to say that this book is one of my favorites that I’ve read lately. I was familiar with Shakespeare’s Tempest, and it’s actually one of my favorites of his plays. Miranda and Caliban is a retelling of The Tempest, and in my opinion excellently done. I loved how much detail was put into that world by Jacqueline Carey, and getting into each of the characters minds. I liked the point of view that Caliban wasn’t really a monster, but simply different from the others. It was dramatic, and at times tragic. All of the characters were well written, and had their reasons for behaving the ways that they did, and none of it felt forced or ridiculous and even the villain was believable. It was obvious that the author really did a lot of world-building and her research with this one as well, and it was a joy to read.

There were several parts where this book had me boo-hooing, and as much as I usually get upset about sad stories, it was done so well that I wanted to keep reading. It was the sort of story that really pulled on those heartstrings, and I really loved it.


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