Garden Update

So being in the new house (and with the heat of the summer still here, despite it now being fall), getting the yard to not look overgrown (with no real equipment) has been a challenge that I am slowly but surely undertaking. I know I have to get things into gear by next summer, otherwise it’ll be a real jungle out there!

I mostly wanted to do a post about how the mailbox garden is coming along, since I haven’t written about it in some weeks now, and it’s been growing beautifully. I added some nursery plants, some mums (with mixed success) and then also some yellow lantana because I really wanted a bushy thing that the butterflies would like.

The passionflower vine I transplanted got mostly eaten by caterpillars, and is now growing back, but that was what I wanted. I love passionflowers, but the wild ones that grow in my yard are ravenously eaten by hungry Gulf Fritillary caterpillars! Still, it’s growing back, so I hope that now that it’s established that it will grow in this time before the frost gets here.

The plant I’m most excited about are the Salvias that recently began to bloom. They are such a vibrant red, and I absolutely love them! I’m looking forward to planting more of them in the upcoming year. These seeds actually came from my local seed library, and if you have a library in your area that offers this service, I really encourage you to take advantage of it! Who doesn’t like free seeds?

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