Book Review: Happiness Project

So it’s been a long time since I did a book review here, but books are one of my many passions so I decided I’d start reviewing again with a book that is about the pursuit of happiness. I found myself really enjoying this book. I liked that the author could be honest with herself and about her flaws, and especially with what she found made her happy, and what did and did not work.

I got a lot of ideas from this book, and I decided that I really want to spend more time pursuing my own happiness and improving my own relationships. I found myself agreeing with the assessment that most people would describe themselves around 70% happy or so. I feel like that’s the case for me, at least.

I really enjoyed the creative ideas, like collecting things that inspire you, or lists of things that catch your interest. Or a folder devoted to a project that holds all of your notes and pictures and inspiration related to that project. I loved the Pollyanna week game where you strive to only make positive comments, as difficult as that might be for me, too. I know I can really be a negative person sometimes, but I like to think I’m making improvements there.

I also liked the amount of research that was involved in this book, and how she tested different theories to see what worked for her and what did not. Overall, I think this was a great read, and I wish I had read it sooner!

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