Book Review: This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us

This was a fun, entertaining read. It reminded me a lot of a comic book, with the crazy action scenes, plot twists, clichés and pop-culture references, and I enjoyed Kimrean. I often wondered how on earth Kimrean could function, though, as both A and Z are so vastly different, it really was like having two separate characters the whole time. I had a hard time wrapping myself around them in my imagination, but I think that that’s probably a good thing, because that’s how they were presented throughout much of the book anyway.

Ursula I thought was a little too grown-up for an eleven year old, but I can forgive that a bit I think because writing a character that is a kid can be really challenging (I know, I’ve done it and agonized over it!) so I can cut some slack there. The crush she developed on over the course of the story on someone more than twice her age (trying not to spoil it here) was a little weird, but I remember being eleven once and all those silly teenage magazines we ogled and fawned over with the much-older musicians and sitcom stars, etc, so I can forgive that too.

I thought it was really enjoyable, and I was never bored with the story at all, so I’ll be looking forward to reading more books from Edgar Cantero.

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