Adventures of an Adventurer

Hello all! It’s just me again with a post of what I’ve been up to. Mostly World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, admittedly. I will admit that in the current state of the game I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I sort of love that, too. I don’t intend for this blog to be all about WoW, but instead I wanted it to be about art. Still, I can’t deny that this game is a big part of my life since I’m a hopeless addict.

I started with leveling my warrior, as is my tradition, but I plan on leveling my monk next. I really enjoy monks as a class but I often feel like Blizzard forgets they exist. I don’t think I’m really alone in that either. Regardless, my adventures so far have been getting my warrior geared up for mythic dungeons. I’ve really enjoyed the ones that I’ve run so far, and season 1 starts today so that’s exciting. I’m also really looking forward to Castle Nathria.

What class are you playing in Shadowlands?

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