Welcome to my portfolio and blog! My name is Katrina, and I’m an illustrator and giant nerd.

I’m passionate about art, books, gardening, and gaming, so with these four things in mind I created Phylactery. Why Phylactery? Well… let’s look at what a phylactery is.

No, I don’t mean the religious definition, either. In many roleplaying games, a phylactery is a vessel in which a powerful undead sorcerer (called a lich) stores a part of their soul, so that they can resurrect themselves in case they are ever killed. In this way they achieve immortality. While thinking about this concept, I thought about famous artists in history, and how they affect us even today, despite some of them living and dying centuries ago. How many people have never seen the Mona Lisa? Or Michelangelo’s David? In this way the artist has made themselves immortal, through the works left behind.

This is what I wanted to do with my own work. Now I know I’ll never be nearly as skilled or as genius as the old masters, but this blog is about my journey through my passions, and making my mark on the world in my own way, as well as challenging myself to improve. Yes, I’m aware that most blogs go unread, and there’s a good chance that nobody will ever see what I do, but this is for my own sake.