Self Portrait Project: 2016

This self portrait was largely experimental as I used two mediums that I had never painted with before: Indian Ink and also tea and coffee. I know that probably sounds weird, but tea paintings have been some of my favorites to look at over the years, and the tea stains the paper beautiful colors and has enough subtle-tea to not be overwhelming. Excuse me while I dodge the object you’re thinking about throwing at me right now.

 I find painting to be very relaxing, though I haven’t had a lot of practice and often can’t get things to turn out the way that I would like them to. That’s a thing I love about art, though, you’re always improving, even while not doing it. When you train yourself as an artist, you notice more about your subject, and you choose to do things differently the next time, and I think that really helps a person grow, too.

 Some other tea paintings to check out:

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